I AM __________

I AM _____________ is an online interactive webpage where people can enter and complete the rest of the sentence. In February of ’68, 1300 African American sanitation workers strike to demand their basic rights…human rights, joined and leaded by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ending up with his death. The phrase emerged from a single act of activism to inspire so many artists and other activist leaders throughout the years, a phrase, a slogan that became part of history for its significance politically but also as a symbol of empowerment of humans in their journeys towards conquering something new. “I AM A MAN” represents the need for humans to assert themselves as something, to identify themselves with a label that makes them stronger. By removing the word Man and in a world where sometimes labeling and tagging are so important and at the same time so many fight for their removal or adding other possibilities to that act of self-identification, in this work everyone has a the possibility to ‘fill in the gap’ with whatever suits them better, with what for each person could be their own slogan and symbol of individuality in a mass-media society. 

New York, 2011


November/December 2011